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​The difference between pure aluminum die casting and aluminum die casting

​The difference between pure aluminum die casting and aluminum die casting

     Now die casting process with die-casting alloy materials is already very mature and widely used whose material is known as commonly ADC12 and A13800, also called a380, AlSi9Cu3 and lSi12.(for some die-casting alloy product). While 6 series aluminum die cast and pure aluminum die cast are not yet in promotion and used in batch production.

     Seeing from the material properties, pure aluminum has a poor fluidity, good thermal conductivity, high melting point, good oxidation resistance. While the die-casting aluminum has good fluidity, high plasticity, low melting point, and is easy to surface treatment. Therefore, from the mold,things must be improved. The mold flow channel should be wider, feed gentler. The flow channels in the 2 halves should be the same. The feed gate thicken, minimum 3 mm which can be increased or thicker pending on the production situation. The gate must be smooth and smooth. The exhaust inlet also needs to be thickened to avoid clogging the exhaust. The core is subjected to special anti-stick treatment.

     Additionally, during die cast operation, special pure aluminum alloy release agent is highly recommended.The furnace temperature should be kept at 720 ° and the mold surface temperature should be no less than 220 °

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