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How to choose a good die casting factory


How to choose a good die casting factory? Throughout China, there are tens of thousands of die-casting factories, not to mention in the world. To find a good die-casting factory, first of all, we need to clear our requirements: product material, quality, order quantity, whether we need to build a new mold

Product Materials: die-casting material is mainly zinc alloy and aluminum alloy. If ours is aluminum, as far as possible an aluminum casting factory is preferred Because surgery has specialized, There are few factories whore specialized at both material at the same time..

Quality of Products: Quality requirements mainly include size requirements and appearance requirements. This requires our engineering department to indicate or issue inspection standards on the drawings. Appearance requirements to consider a lot of factors in it. For automotive parts, a TS16949 certified factory is preferred.(see Debang TS16949 certification)

Unit price of the product: Unit price is not the lowest is the best, but only reasonable is the best. Die prices the same token.

Mold issue, in the die-casting industry, mold cost and quality control account for 70%. If you need to open the mold, it is best to choose those who has their own in-house mold capability(see Debang mold capability). First, the quality of their own mold is easier to better control, in case problems rise, its easier to repair.  Second, if the old mold will be more or less some problems, it is easy to have disputes. Half of the quality problem is from the mold, If die casting factory can build a best mold for the part, the we can trust it will delivery a good quality  part.

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