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high pressure die casting manufacturer

Once your part is cast, this process does not necessarily end. Many industrial operations choose to invest in the die-casting surface treatment of their parts. Although die casting surface treatments are not required, you or your customers may find it appealing by adding extra features, so adding exterior finishes to die castings can significantly improve the quality and value of the product.

Paint: Paint or powder coating paint is a natural coating used for die casting. When you paint or powder paint on pre-treated or untreated metal surfaces, you'll see a look that looks great and can be tailored to your brand.

Aluminum Passivation: This coating for aluminum parts, also called conversion coating, is a corrosion-resistant coating added to your part without impairing the part's electrical conductivity.

Anodizing: When coating metal parts, we often use three types of anodizing. Type I anodization, also known as chromic acid anodization, involves the use of toxic chromic acid and is therefore usually only used where maximum corrosion resistance is required. Type II anodization is the most common type, providing corrosion resistance while improving the appearance of the part. Type III or Hard Coating Anodization is a hard coating that significantly increases the part's surface hardness and reduces metal wear and tear.

Casting Impregnation: Some porosity is usually unavoidable during metal casting. In many cases, small pores do not significantly affect the structural integrity of your part and can be ignored. However, if your part must be absolutely strong and tight, you must take steps to eliminate porosity. Pour impregnation to fill and seal tiny voids in Die Casting that must be completely sealed.

Established in 1991, NingBo City Beilun Debang aluminum casting factory. has been focused in high pressure aluminum casting business for almost 30 years. With our rich experience, we're proudly serving many original equipment manufactuers (OEM) in various industries,including automotive, lighting, oil and enegy, civil construction and so on. 

die casting factory supplier

ISO/TS 16949 certificated since 2013, our main products are auto parts,such as windshield wiper parts, fan clutch parts, coupler for heavy duty trucks, engine housings and so on. Only 15 minutes by car from worldly famouse Beilun port,we also have a natural convenience for oversea supply chain.Since 1991, Debang Mould has helped engineering and purchasing departments find high quality, cost effective solutions for their OEM component needs. Our staffed engineers are always available for your enquiry.

Die Casting Supplier Main Products

Die Cast Auto Parts,Die Cast Windshield Wiper Parts,Die Cast Fan Clutch Parts,Die Cast Motor Parts,Die Cast Tubular Motor Parts,Die Cast Security Camera Parts,Die Cast Telecom parts,Die Cast Light Parts,Precision Machining

die casting factory Main Products

Die Casting Manufacturer Mold Capability

Beginning as a mould shop in 1991, Debang has rich experience in mould design and manufacture. All injection mouds are designed, built and maintained at our in-house shop.

Die Casting Manufacturer Mold Capability

mould develpment department with 3 mold engineers,and mould flow simulation software.

mould manufacturer equipment-EDM,wire cutting,CNC.

Die Casting Supplier Cast Capability

Debang has a wide range casting capability from several grams up 3kgs. The cast tolerance is 0.1mm. Casting material includes A380/adc12.

Die Casting Supplier Cast Capability

L.K. cold chamber 800T1 set
L.K. cold chamber 500T1 set
L.K. cold chamber 280T6 set
L.K. cold chamber 160T2 set
L.K. hot chamber 88T1 set

Die Casting Supplier Machining Capability

Debang has strong seconday machining capability and the tolerancee we can reach is 0.018mm.

Die Casting Supplier Machining Capability

Die Casting Supplier Surface Finishing

Debang provides one-stop solution to various surface finishing, including plain, grinding, shot blasting, sand blasting, shiny polishing, power coating, passivation, electrophoresis, electroplate, anodization which can realize further protection to the parts.

Die Casting Supplier Quality Assurance

As a TS16949 certified company, Debang is in strict accordance with the TS16949 system for quality control.

Die Casting Supplier Quality Assurance

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