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  • die cast security camera stand

die cast security camera stand

Brand : OEM

Product origin : Ningbo,China

Delivery time : 30-40 days

Supply capacity : 400K pcs a month

Name: die cast security camera stand

Material: casting aluminum alloy, A380

Manufacturing process: high pressure die cast + pressing + CNC machining + shot blasting +powder coating

Surface finishing: powder coating

Application: die cast security camera stand


   This is a die cast security camera stand. Die cast process is the best way to produce security camera stand. Its material is casting aluminum alloy,typically A380, while ADC12 or customerization is also feasible. The key manufacturing process is high pressure die casting. A casting tooling according to 3D drawing is firstly design and built in-house (see Debang moldcapability). Then tooling is mounted in a suitable die casting machine(see Debang cast capability) and in the casting machine, aluminum melting liquid is formed to required shape. Then trimming is operated to make sure the flat deformation is within tolerance. Then some secondary machining is operated as per requested, such CNC machining,NC lathe,etc(see Debang secondary machining capability). Finally is the surface finishing. The surface of this die casting is typically powder coating which can protect the parts in a salty environment such as resistant a 192-hours salt spray test. However shot blast, powder coating, chrome plate and electriphrosis is also available depending on customerization. Contact us freely if you have similar or other OEM demands.Our engineers are always available for you.

   Die cast (also known as diecast,pressure cast, high pressure die cast and impregnation), refers to a hot forming process that the molten alloy,under a high pressure and high-speed condition, fill the mold cavity, then it is molded into the featured shape and then cooled under high pressure. Die cast is one of the most widely used and fastest growing metal thermal forming process. It has the advantages of good product quality, high production efficiency and excellent economic effect. As an advanced non-ferrous alloy precision parts forming technology, die casting is adapted to product complexity, precision, lightweight, energy saving, green requirements in the modern manufacturing industry. It is widely used in automotive, communications equipment, aviation, electrical machinery and other fields.According to raw materials difference, die-casting can be divided into aluminum die-casting, zinc die-casting, magnesium die-casting.


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