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Die casting round motor housing

Brand : OEM

Product origin : Ningbo,China

Delivery time : 30-40 days

Supply capacity : 500K pcs a month

Product info:

Name: Round motor housing

Material: Aluminum alloy, customized

Manufacturing process: High pressure aluminum casting + sand blasting + CNC machining

Surface finishing: Sand blasting, powder coating, chrome plate, customized

Application: Housing for round motor

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Product description:

Round motor housing for the closed-end fan-type squirrel cage three-phase AC asynchronous motor, the motor shell all the use of aluminum die-casting molding. Is the modern industrial equipment to achieve high speed than low noise, high stability of the mechanical slowdown control device selection. Round motor housing use of high-quality aluminum alloy material, so that the product, small size, light weight beautiful appearance, energy efficient, low noise, vibration, stable and reliable operation, good quality long service life.

Product features:

Round motor housing with high efficiency, high starting torque, good performance, light weight, beautiful shape, high protection level, stable and reliable operation, and the foot can be removable, can be changed in a variety of forms of installation and so on. Round motor housing is widely used in general and no special requirements Of precision machinery. Typical applications in reducer, fan, water pump, air compressor, assembly line, packaging, food machinery, woodworking machinery.

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