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Die casting heavy duty truck coupler

Brand : OEM

Product origin : Ningbo,China

Delivery time : 30-40 days

Supply capacity : 600K pcs a month

Product info:

Name: Heavy duty truck coupler

Material: Aluminum alloy, customized

Manufacturing process: High pressure aluminum casting + pressing + vabration + CNC machining

Surface finishing: Vibration finishing, powder coating, chrome plate, customized

Application: Heavy duty truck coupler

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Product description:

Heavy duty truck coupler is a static pressure limit type hydraulic transmission device, with oil as the working medium, to achieve energy conversion and transmission. When the coupling overload protection, easy to melt the core of the fusible alloy melting, please replace the easy fusible plug, absolutely not available to replace the other plug to prevent the occurrence of coupling shell burst or combustion accident. Heavy duty truck coupler widely used in tower cranes, belt conveyors, scraper transport aircraft, mining machinery, crushing machinery, ball mill machinery, a variety of fans and so on.

Product features:

1. Heavy duty truck coupler can start with a load motor to achieve no-load start, improve the starting performance.

2. Have good overload protection for motor and working machine.

3. Reduce the impact and vibration in the drive system.

4. Coordinate the multi-machine linkage when the load distribution.

5. Heavy duty truck coupler can be positive, anti-pass, its performance unchanged.

6. Small noise, light weight, compact and reliable, long service life.

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